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I have been searching for the parents/birth of my greatgrandmother, Hannah KITCHEN.

I found the following. Her father was Allen KITCHEN born SaltersLode,1805, near Market Deeping. His father was John Kitchen b Ap 1750 at Denver NFK.s/o John & Mary, but where were they from?

Her mother was Sarah ELMER born Market Deeping, Norfolk,1794. They were married in Outwell, St Clements NFK,England, in 1834. Sarah tells the 1851 Census she was born Downham Market, but the only Sarah ELMER I can find would be far too old!!


I thought I found the parents of Ann IBBERSON. They were William IBBERSON and Elizabeth. Ann was christened 31 May 1748 in S Peter's Nottingham. But then I found a marriage for this Ann in Nottingham, and I hoped she was the one who married my ancestor James Bradley in Treswell NOTTS. Now I am looking for another Ann Ibberson.....still born around the same time... birth/parents etc.

HUMPHRY: WHoopee! After several years of searching I at last have found the parents/birth of Maria Humphry who married my John Nobbs in S Edmund Norwich in 1779. She was born to John Humphry and Elizabeth (Blake) 1761 baptised in S Martin Oak Norwich 20 Sep. John married Elizabeth 10 Nov 1760 S Martin Oak. John was born 1740 s/o Charles Humphrey & Rebecca (Gobbet) who married Apr 27 S Gregory Norwich.

I am now looking for a John Humphry b. abt 1686, perhaps in Norwich S George Colgate.


I need the parents /birth of Thomas BAYFIELD born about 1711 in NE NFK


and his wife Rachel GREGORY born about 1700 maybe in Banningham area ? NFK


looking for a marriage of Robert THURTON to maybe Elizabeth or Alice about 1727 somewhere near Gooderstone? NFK. The Gooderstone regs. do not exist for this period.


looking for birth/parents of Rebecca Elden in Norwich S Mary Marsh. She was b. abt 1662. She married John MONY in Norwich S Mary Marsh Sep 25 1683.


I am looking for Sarah Wilkinson, with a sister Lydia, born abt 1771 somewhere near Rackheath NFK.


I need a George Gobbett b. abt 1670 maybe near S Saviour Norwich.


Need a Stephen Grimes b abt 1643 who married Ann Knights in Buxton NFK b. abt same .


Seeking David Sparrow b abt 1787 somewhere in S Lincs -married Elizabeth?


Seeking John Woods who married Frances abt 1707 in Norwich? maybe b. abt 1687.


Seeking Wm Lane b. abt 1746 who married Hannah Woods in Norwich, Heigham 1767.


Seeking George Graham b. abt 1746 somewhere in S Lincs, who married a Sarah Stimpson fr. Robt b. abt 1717 somewhere near Bicker? S Lincs.


Seeking John Roberts/Robards b. abt 1714 (near Blyton N Lincs ?) who married Ann Burton. I need her father Robt Burton. abt 1683.


Seeking a John Kitchen b abt 1729 in the Downham Market/ Denver area of NFK who married Mary???.


Seeking Thomas Stocks b abt 1732 near Bishop Norton ? Lincs who married a Frances Clarke.


Seeking an Ann Wattam b abt 1753 in the Waddingham area of Lincs.


looking for a Robert Burton born abt 1683 in Blyton Lincs.


looking for parents of Matthew COX. Thos bn abt 1668 S Kelsey area? and ? Ruth bn 1668 (calculated from death age 80 in 1748.


looking for a Robert Stimpson bn about 1717 S Lincs . Married Ann , (parents of Sarah).


Looking for a Joseph NOBBS born abt 1654 who married a Martha in Norwich.


looking for a John Barber born abt 1732 who married a Mary. First son Benj bn 1767 Frettenham.


looking for parents of Martha DAY bn abt 1705 who married Wm Woods1746 in S Gregory. Norwich. (parents of Hannah)

If anyone can help with any of these I would be delighted. KEEP DIGGING FOLKS!!!

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