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Our groups, which are very informal, consist of people who are searching on the Internet for our ancestors, and have met up with each other at various times, and in various ways. It is a good feeling to know that you are in contact with other people who are searching the same names as yourself. It is even better to know that they are, or probably are, related to you in some way, best of all when you can work together, and maybe halve the effort

Sheep making progress


My mother used to say, "Two heads are better than one even if they are only sheep's!".

Sometimes, and this is our prime purpose, we exchange information we have found about our names, but of course as we get to know each other, more personal information is passed (if you feel like it). At times a good joke ( or a bad one!) is exchanged. It all helps to keep us in touch when new information is rather thin.

If you are searching NOBBS or HARESIGN/HAIRSINE/HERSIN/HARSIN , and would like to join with a group of others doing the same, please

Contact me.

Send an email here to NOTE To email me remove the X from the address. (It's to foil spammers)

You don't have to send anything if you join our group, or reply to messages if you don't want to. A message/email will come with all names in the group at the top, giving you the latest information, and keeping you in touch. To reply , you simply click "Reply All" in your email program, and your reply goes to everyone in the group .

Some people send messages more than others. Some are simply "observers". Do as you wish.

Nevertheless, the more people there are in our groups, the more we are likely to make progress and get ahead. Let's shatter those brick walls!!!

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