Some of the Churches of Norwich

Taken from a beautiful book
"The Old Churches of Norwich" by Noel Spenser & Arnold Kent

Placed here with permission of Jarrold Publishing , Norwich

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 The church was built in 1477 against an Anglo Saxon tower. It suffered much delapidation and restoration in an area subject to flooding. In the Nineteenth century the area was " a network of narrow streets and courts interspersed with malthouses, breweries and factories manufacturing crape, hair, paper and cotton thread ".. " a region of noxious courts and alleys".

Now the building is in use as an Arts Centre.

 Situated on the great market place among many pubs, this magnificent church, largest in the city, often mistaken for the cathedral was built between 1430 and 1455 on the site of an earlier church.

The interior is of "staggering size", "flooded with light ..and colour".

  The area was where the master weavers of the Eighteenth century lived in the large houses still to be seen.

The nave and tower of the church was built about 1459, then the chancel about 1498, while the aisles were added 1505 and 1513. Inside there is beautiful georgian woodwork , a choir gallery, organ, magnificent pulpit and fine reredos behind the altar

This church was , in the nineteenth century close by "two ironworks, and the great Anchor Brewery with its maltings, smithies and stabling for many horses". It was built in the early 1500s. It is notable for the lovely flushwork in the walls like " the inlaid ivory work of old cabinets".