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Arms of York
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Ted and Dorothy Nobbs live in Yorkshire.............and these are the Arms of the City of York

Ted & Dorothy Nobbs


Dorothy and Ted Nobbs


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Last updated 7th Feb 2010.

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There are 388 individuals and 90 families representing 70 surnames in this database.

The most common surnames in my family tree (in no particular order) are : STOCKS(22), HARESIGN/HAIRSINE(28), BARBER(25), COX(51), BAYFIELD(51), KITCHEN( ), TAYLOR(17), BRADLEY(10), STIMPSON(10), NOBBS(43) HUMPHREY , DAY , WOODS , GOBBETT , MONEY , LANE , GRIMES , SPARROW , WILKINSON , ELMER (AYLMER/ELMORE) , GREGORY , STIMPSON , WATTAM , BURTON , ROBERTS.

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My NOBBS families all seem to come from Norwich , Norfolk England, at least in the 1700-1800's. For more about Old Norwich click here [leaving this site].
Old Norwich

                                                                                                     Old Norwich

Until March 2001, (with very grateful thanks to my local LDS Family History Library!), I searched all the parishes of Norwich in the 1600-1700's for the names NOBBS, MONEY, BROWNE, GOBBETT, HUMPHRY, LANE, DAY, STIMPSON, SPARROW and WILKINSON, and it has taken a long time. (See below in "GROUPS". ) I have read from 1713 to 1786, and my cousin has read from 1623 to 1712. It is 16mm film and quite a bit of it is not easy, not there, or simply not readable. Since then I keep on searching registers at the LDS Family History Library and put all the names I find on this website. What is here is usually all I know of the data concerned.
My HARESIGN (Hairsine/Hersin etc)families seem to have originated in Northern France in a tiny place called Hersin, (now Hersin-Coupigny), near Lille, and come over here to England as either refugees from catholic persecution (see Massacre of S. Bartholomew), or to Sandtoft in the Isle of Axholme [ leaving this site] to assist in the draining of the Marshes of Hatfield Chase in Yorkshire, and The Fenland of South Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, North Norfolk.

More will be added to this site about these matters in the due course of Time! Rome wasn't built in a day, so they say, and I can promise you, neither was my website. Ha! Ha! My wife just asked who was this person emerging from the office!

I shall be continuously upgrading the site, so you will have to come back. You should bookmark this page NOW!bookmark this page

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